Program for pressure of blast and impulse


mass[kg]:  distance[m]: 

A number greater than 0 to mass in single-byte.
A number greater than 0 to distance in single-byte.

■Damage from Blast (Clancey)

Clancey, V. J. 1972, Diagnostic Features of Explosion Damage, 6th International Meeting on Forensic Sciences, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Pressure(kPa) Damage
0.14 Annoying noise (137dB if of low frequency 10-15Hz)
0.21 Occasional breaking of large glass windows already under strain
0.28 Loud noise(143 dB), sonic boom, glass failure
0.69 Breakage of small windows under strain
1.03 Typical pressure for glass breakage
2.07 "Safe distance" (probability 0.95 of no serious damage1 below this value); projectile limit; some damage to hose ceillings; 10% window glass broken
2.76 Limitd minor structural damage
3.4~6.9 Large and small windows usually shattered; occasional damage to window frames.
4.8 Minor damage to house structures
6.9 Partial demolition of hoses, made uninhabitable
6.9~13.8 Corrugated asbestos shattered; corrugated steel or aluminium panels, fastenings fail, followed by buckling; wood panels (standard housing) fastenings fail, panels blow in
9 Steel frame of clad building slightly distorted
13.8 Partial collapse of walls and roofs of houses
13.8~20.7 Concrete or cinder block walls, not reinforced, shattered
15.8 Lower limit of serious structural damage
17.2 50% destruction of brickwork of houses
20.7 Heavy machines (3000 lb) in industrial building sufferd little damege; steel frame building distorted and pulled away from foundations
20.7~27.6 Frameless, self-framing steel panel building demolished; rupture of oil storage tanks
27.6 Cladding of light industrial buildings ruptured
34.5 Wooden utility poles snapped; tall hydraulic press (40,000 lb) in building, slightly damaged
34.5~48.2 Nearly complete destruction of house
48.2 Loaded, lighter weight (British) train wagons overturned
48.2~55.1 Brik panels, 8-12 inch thick, not reinforced, fail by shearing or flexure
62 Loaded train boxcars completely demolished
68.9 Probable total destruction of buildings; heavy machine tools (7,000 lb) moved and badly damaged, very heavy machine tools (12,000 lb) survive
2068 Limit of crater lip

1 Understood to be to typical brick built buildings